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The Don Deeva

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This 2 oz bottle fills around 10 bottles of whichever bast/top coat you choose. It’s a great deal!

Soo Glossy: This is a super glossy & shiny topcoat.

Glowstick UV: You can add this over any mani and get a glow effect under black light.

A Quickie: Super glossy quick-drying topcoat.

Skeet-Skeet: Matte topcoat.

Glitter Snatcher: When you want that textured-finish mani snatched to smooth perfection, add one coat of Glitter Snatcher on top of your dry polish. Allow to dry completely, then add your favorite top coat for a glassy finish! Great for glitters, microglitters, reflective glitters, or any other polish that dries down with a texture, Glitter Snatcher smooths out the surface without dulling the sparkle or holo finish.

2% Milk: Creamy white.

Strawberry Milk: Creamy pink.

Banana Milk: Creamy yellow.

Zombie Milk: Creamy greyish-purple.

Tiffany Milk: Creamy Tiffany blue.

Strange Milk: Creamy grey with holo flake.

Chocolate Milk: Creamy brown.

Matcha Milk: Creamy green.

Blueberry Milk: Creamy blue.

Lavender Milk: Creamy light purple.

Peach Milk: Creamy peach.