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The Don Deeva



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Cheap Thrills

Danette is excited to announce a new monthly event! The Cheap Thrills live is an opportunity to get mystery polishes from the vault for ONLY $10 each! We piloted this in May and it was a huge hit.

During Cheap Thrills, Danette pulls mystery polishes from a mixed bin of older Deeva creations. Some polishes may be protos or one-of-a-kinds, OGUP, or major Deeva unicorns from the past!

Cheap Thrills will be the first Friday of the month at 8PM eastern, hosted live on Facebook.

Here are the important details you need to know:
- [ ] Every polish is a MYSTERY. We cannot accommodate requests for colors, finishes, elements, etc.
- [ ] All sales are final. Polishes will not be traded out (the only exception is if you receive a duplicate in the same order).
- [ ] Shipping is a flat rate of $5 for 1-8 polishes. Shipping for 9 or more polishes will be $9.
- [ ] Shipping cannot be combined. Due to the rapid nature of these lives, no add on codes can be used. We recommend planning ahead and placing one order.
- [ ] Orders will be pulled in the order they are received.
- [ ] The lineup opens at 8PM eastern will close 30 minutes after the live begins (at 8:30 PM).

Next Cheap Thrills will be June 1st!


No exceptions, color, finish, look anything. It’s a true mystery,

if you don’t like surprises, this is not for you.

please feel free to come watch in our FB DEEVALAFAMILIA group.

our fb nail group is where we hold these at monthly.

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