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Ramune Jints - These juicy and luscious jints are always perfect for watermarbling, pond/jelly sandwich manis, leadlighting, or just to wear on their own as a fun and bright jelly tint! This set was based on the Japanese Ramune soda flavors, and each color is named for the Japanese translation of the corresponding flavor!

Each set comes with:

★ Ichigo (Strawberry)
★ Midori (Green Melon)
★ Budou (Grape)
★ Aoi Hawaii (Blue Hawaii)
(set of 4)


90s Vibes Jints - Oh snap! This totally rad set will make you the coolest babe at Bayside High! Bright and funky, you’ll have the baddest watermarble, pond/jelly sandwich mani, leadlight, or solid mani on the block!

★ Buggin (Orange)
★ Da Bomb (Purple)
★ Mambo No. 5 (Deep blue)
★ Tickle My Elmo (Magenta)
40.00 (set of 4)


Clearly Crazed: A clear base polish for water marbling.


Rock Candy Jint Set: 

These are 10 free Jints that are jelly-tints which are very versatile and can be used in many mani's, the possibilities are endless with these Jints polishes. From laying over silver or white to leadlighting to pond mani's to jelly sandwiches you will definitely get to use these in a lot of different nailart creations. And they water marble!!

★Blue Raspberry