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Deeva 2023 Advent Box

Deeva 2023 Advent Box

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Full Boxes ($150) Include:

⛄️ 12 polishes

⛄️ An OGUP gift from Danette!

⛄️ MSRP over $250

Mini Boxes ($75) Include:

⛄️ 6 polishes (not OGUP)

⛄️ Choose Group A (day 1-6) or Group B (day 7-12) in the order comments. If you don’t indicate which you prefer, we will surprise you!

❗️IMPORTANT: Advent boxes 📦 MUST BE ORDERED AND SHIP SEPARATELY. Please order your Advent box ONLY. Orders including other items will be canceled and refunded. ❗️

Here’s what you need to know:

👉🏻Preorders will be open until November 20th.

👉🏻 Boxes leave Deeva Central by December 1st.

👉🏻 We will open items in the group December 14-25. If you work ahead, please do not share any spoilers before then!

👉🏻 Advent polishes will be available ONLY in this box. They will not be created, so get them while you can!

👉🏻 There are no codes for this box. You’re already getting an amazing deal, we promise!

In typical Don Deeva style, this box features a variety of brand new pigments in sophisticated and unique shades. Prepare for something amazing! ❄️

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