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The Don Deeva

March-Baller Box

March-Baller Box

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This box is for 1 of everything NEW release.

15 polishes total in this box.

1-It's my party and I’ll pee if I want to 

1-Willy Wink

1-Jelly Fish Flake

1-piss in my chocolate river

1-dandy candy empire

1-taste the rainbow

1-everlasting orgasm

1-loompa lovers

1-blue berry bitch

1-no boobies here

1-violets violence

1-Veruca saltine crackers

1-gobble these nutts

1-Wonka Donka 

1-petty 69 OPPS



please read below and look at the list to make sure these are the polishes you want to purchase,

thank you!

I love you.

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