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The Don Deeva

Mythical Unicorn Queens-OGUP-LIMITED EDITION

Mythical Unicorn Queens-OGUP-LIMITED EDITION

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This is an exclusive set, never made before, that features all the unicorn pee sisters with the one OG big sister Red/Green.

This is a 5 piece set.


Celestia- red/green the original unicorn pigment. This is a stunner

Stardust-A gorgeous blue that glows green/blue


Moonbeam- Blue with hints of purple[ to my eye]  this color is stunning. It’s a deep mix of blue indigo.


Serenity- A heavy green/golden shift this color is one of my favors of them.


Mystic- This is actually 1 of each 4 colors mixed, it’s major and powerful, you don’t want to miss this set.


these are white crellie base liked 2 % milk with a heavy helping of unicorn pigment in each shade.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

once sold out they are gone.

[Sold as a set will not be broken down]


Thank You,

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