Behind The Scenes


Brash and in-your-face with an unapologetic nature? Us too! 

Refuse to live by anyone else’s rules, always forging your own path? Yep, we understand that one too!

Tired of boring, played out manicures? Ugh, we get it!

Ready to turn heads with vivacious, artisan nail polish, with audacious names that are sure to make grandma blush?! Welcome home, bitches!

Hello fellow statement makers and booty shakers! My name is Danette and I founded Don Deeva Cosmetics in 2014. I was tired of the boring, burned-out polish I found in stores. I wanted options that were as bright, bold, and brazen as me. Since it felt like those options were not available, I decided to make them my own damn self! And BAM, just like that, Don Deeva was born, baby!

Along with unabashed sass, we also focus on using the highest quality ingredients available to us. This means sourcing the cool shit before you even know how cool it’s gonna be! And have I mentioned that rare ingredients (Hello, Unicorn Pee!) and cutting edge polishes are kinda my thing? Because as far as I’m concerned, if you aren't pushing the envelope, what’s the point?! Seriously, just go home if you’re going to be boring. 

As this introduction to myself may have alluded, I have swayed and danced to the beat of my own drum my whole life. And if you can relate, then I created this brand for you too. Whether you are ready to shake up the scene (or start a scene, we won’t judge) then welcome to La Familia.

We Are The Don Deeva; We don’t copy trends. We create them. 
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