Collection: Milky Base Coats

Home Of The OrIginal Milky Base Coats Est. 2019.

If you’re in love with 2% Milk you’ll love  our Milky Base Coats!
This is The Don Deeva’s milky base coat series, and can be worn in one coat as a base coat, or add another coat l two for a perfect undie or wear these sweet cream bases on their own! Using the same formula as First Base, Milky Base gives you a nice, clean canvas for your mani and levels out your nails for a smooth surface.
2% Milk: Creamy white.
Strawberry Milk: Creamy pink.
Banana Milk: Creamy yellow.
Zombie Milk: Creamy greyish.
Tiffany Milk: Creamy Tiffany blue.
Strange Milk: Creamy grey with holo flake.
Chocolate Milk: Creamy brown.
Matcha Milk: Creamy green.
Blueberry Milk: Creamy blue.
Lavender Milk: Creamy light purple.
Peach Milk: Creamy peach.
This is a creamy base coat to wear under polish or alone with a topcoat.
It has a nice milky look and can look gorgeous alone in two coats.
Every bottle is created by hand with TLC.
★For ease of removal when using glitter heavy polishes, try a Peel off base coat. I recommend always using some form of base coat whenever using polishes to ensure you are protecting your nails.
★All Don Deeva Polishes are “10 Free.” This means they don’t include the following yucky chemicals: Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor.